Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Happened to LC's Adventures?!?

Holy cow, it has been almost a YEAR since I have written a post on LC's Adventures in Libraryland, and it's been OVER a year since I last posted a book review, which absolutely boggles my mind. Time. Is. Flying!

So in the past couple of weeks, I've received a couple of emails/messages from people asking if I'm, you know, still alive. And the answer to that is yes! Yes, I'm still alive and kicking.

But is my blog??

Well, that's a more tricky question. So here's the deal in case anyone has been wondering what's up. Last April I (**finally**) got a full-time job working at a law firm (NOT as a law librarian unfortunately, as some of you may know I went to school for library science and did work in libraries for awhile). At the same time, I also really wanted to dedicate myself to getting my web design business up and running, and I also made a commitment to start going to the gym on a regular basis. So with all those things going on at once, needless to say, I just ran out of hours in the day to sit down and read and review my books. And yes, this made me truly very sad :(

While I never wrote any official notice that LC's Adventures was calling it quits, I also couldn't commit to a regular posting schedule, and the more infrequent my posts got, the less I felt connected to the book blogging community that I so dearly loved. I didn't want to make any permanent decision to close down shop entirely, hoping that one day in the distant future I'd be able to get back into it, so I just sort of abandoned my poor blog in order to work on designing other blogs, while working full-time, busting my rear at the gym, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. (As you can see in the picture to the left, the upside to all this was that I got pretty good at doing squats! :)

BUT! This site has been on my mind ever since last year. I never forgot about it, and every now and then I look back with a sigh of remembrance, thinking about how much I loved reviewing, blogging, vlogging, taking part in book memes, meeting new bloggers, new authors, the thrill of getting new ARCs in the mail... having to leave all that behind was a total bummer.

Then, a few weeks ago I took a trip down memory lane by going to my local Teen Book Festival in Rochester, NY to meet Michelle Madow, author of the Transcend Time Saga and Secret Diamond Sisters series-- and that's when I was like, OK, I freakin miss this!! That along with the occasional follower asking me "where the heck are you??" has really made me start brainstorming how I can get back into blogging again, and what I might be able to do to incorporate my blog design business into LC's Adventures more since that's also a major part of my life now. It will be tough to figure out how I'll do it all, but I'm up for the challenge because I miss all you guys like crazy!!

So, while I really need some time to think about where my blog is going and how I can manage my time so that I can devote myself to regular posts and reviews again, I did want to leave an update now so that you all know that no, I am NOT closing down LC's Adventures and yes I do absolutely plan on getting things back up and running better than ever at some point in the future-- I am **hoping** by later this year! That will include new reviews, new meme posts, new YouTube vlogs, and more posts having to do with tips and tricks for blog design, some design freebies, and maybe even some Book Blog Makeover giveaways!!

I hope that you will stay tuned, and until then as always-- Happy Reading!!

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