Review Policy

General Policy 

LC's Adventures in Libraryland reviews books within the Young Adult Fiction genre. I freely choose the books that I review based on whether or not I think they will interest me and be enjoyable to my readers. As I'm sure you can tell, reading is a great passion of mine, and I have no reservations about stating my personal thoughts and opinions about the books that I read. I DO NOT pass over a review simply because I did not like a particular book: I follow my rating system and will post both positive and negative reviews.

Also, just because I may not personally like a book does not mean it's a "bad book." Everyone likes their own thing, so even if I seem particularly "harsh" about a book, I want to emphasize it is just my personal opinion. I would encourage everyone to read the books I review-- positive or negative-- and judge for themselves whether it was good or not. That is the whole point of blogging reviews for books, after all!

Finally, I also post book "memes" on my blog, which are weekly group posts on a certain theme or idea. These memes include: Teaser Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesdays, Follow Me Fridays, and Weekend Book Hauls.  I try to make sure that everything I post has a point, and that it is both informative and entertaining for my readers.I also try to keep things "strictly bookish," since that is the purpose of my blog.

Rating System

My reviews are based on a 1-5 star rating system, which can be found in the sidebar of LC's Adventures in Libraryland. Each book review includes publication information for that book, a brief summary, my own "take" or opinion, and finally a rating. Occasionally, I will also provide links to authors' websites and their books.

My book summaries are almost exclusively taken from the product description of each work, which is usually printed on the back cover or the inside jacket of the book. These product descriptions are readily available on Amazon or Goodreads as well.

To Authors and Publishers

I am more than happy to accept offers from authors and publishers to read and review their books. If I am interested, I will respond to your request at my earliest possible convenience. A non-response after 4-5 days may be taken as a respectfully declined offer.

I do my best to only accept books that I think I will be interested in and enjoy. This includes, but is not limited to: paranormal, romance, dystopian, fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary. Please also keep in mind that this is a YA book blog-- if a book is not specifically under the YA genre, I most likely will not accept it for review on my site.

I have many books on my TBR list, but I will do my best to read and review your book as soon as possible, provided that it is still of interest. My acceptance of a book is not a guarantee for a review. Please be aware that I am under no obligation to promote or review a book that I have received from an author or publisher.

Finally, I prefer to receive hard-copies. In fact, I will almost always give greater priority to reading hard copies before eGalleys or PDFs-- I just have a difficult time reading them, so if at all possible, it is best to send me a physical copy of your ARC.

All requests and questions may be sent to
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