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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (5)

For those who don't know, Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly book meme where we get to let everyone know about what books we are eagerly anticipating the release of. WoW is hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. Want to participate? Grab the logo on her page, post your own WoW entry on your blog, and leave your link on her blog!


OK, so this week's WoW pick is Luminous by Dawn Metcalf. Why? Holy moly, that cover! It is insanely beautiful! Click on the cover image above to fully appreciate it! **sigh** Just stunning.

So anyways, after recovering from my cover-love, I had to read the synopsis. All I have to say is-- "huh." Haha, I don't really know whether this is going to be a totally awesome, mind-blowing kind of book, or just really, really strange and confusing. (To be honest, the summary did confuse me.) But then I also read some ARC reviewers' opinions on it, and for the most part they were pretty positive.

Well, I will let you be the judge-- Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

As reality slips and time stands still, Consuela finds herself thrust into the world of the Flow. Removed from all she loves into this shifting world overlapping our own, Consuela quickly discovers she has the power to step out of her earthly skin and cloak herself in new ones-skins made from the world around her, crafted from water, fire, air. She is joined by other teens with extraordinary abilities, bound together to safeguard a world they can affect, but where they no longer belong.

When murder threatens to undo the Flow, the Watcher charges Consuela and elusive, attractive V to stop the killer. But the psychopath who threatens her new world may also hold the only key to Consuela's way home.

Aaaaand... if that intrigues you, here is some further information:

Release date: July 7th, 2011
Pages: 304
Blogger Comments:  "Overall a very intriguing read.  If you are interested in reading something unlike anything you've read before definitely pick this story up." ~Karissa @ Karissa's Reading Review
"The thing that I really loved and appreciated about this book the most is that it doesn't treat the reader with kid gloves... Luminous isn't afraid to challenge the reader and throw them off balance." ~Marg @ Clockwork Reverie

 Hmmm... interesting, no? What do you think?


Also, while we're here I wanted to take a moment to make an announcement **ahem!** Here goes:

Tomorrow will mark the opening of my VERY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!

It is in celebration of the fact that I have reached 200+ followers and I am just so darned happy that I had to spread the joy with some awesome freebies :)

So... please STAY TUNED tomorrow for when I officially post the details, rules, form, and all that jazz. All I will say for now is that it is going to be ONE SWEET CONTEST. I am very excited and hope that you will join in!!

Until tomorrow then, happy reading everyone!!!


  1. Great pick!!! The cover is gorgeous, love it! It will be going on my TBR pile... Ange @ Moonlightreader

    My WoW:

  2. A great choice! It sounds interesting.

    My WoW for this week is here :)

  3. Fantastic choice. I also cannot wait for Luminous. It sounds wonderful and I agree that the cover is gorgeous.

    Melissa @ SheShines

  4. I also have read many good things about this book. But looking at the cover, I think they put too many things in her face :)

  5. I have been waiting for this one ever since I first saw its amazing cover. Great pick!

  6. I have heard so many good things about this book, although the cover would probably be enough reason to buy it. :D Great pick! :)

    (My WoW)

    P.s.: Congrats on 200+ followers. :)

  7. This one does sound great and the cover is gorgeous!

    I'll be back tomorrow to check out your giveaway :)

    Your blog has quickly become a favourite of mine :)


  8. I just love this cover and I've seen it featured so many times I'm definitely interested! :D

    Check out my WOW this week!

  9. This sounds amazing, like you said either super awesome or super crazy.

    Here's my WoW, please stop by and check out the blog!

  10. Wow, that is an amazing cover! The story sounds fascinating, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Here's MY WOW POST

  11. Great choice! That cover is so amazing! The story definitely piques my interest--sounds very...different (which is often a good thing).

    Congrats on the 200 followers! I'm in the middle of a giveaway celebrating a mere 100!

    Jessi @ Reading in the Corner

  12. I'm really, really looking forward to reading this book! I've heard some good things. :)

  13. Hi guys, just checking in!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I responded to everyone who stopped by and left me a link/URL-- I appreciate all of your comments :)

    I will try to respond later this evening to my other wonderful followers! And don't forget tomorrow's big giveaway event! **squee!** Very excited :P


  14. great choice this book looks really good and the cover is great!

  15. Great pick. I can't wait for this one it looks great.

  16. Great pick and you're right the cover is gorgeous!

    Here's my WoW this week.


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