Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Award for my New Blog! Woohoo!!

**Happy Dance!**

Thanks to my fellow blogger Deb at Deborah's Books, I have just received my first AWARD for my brand-new book blog, and I am super-excited! As part of receiving this award, I am supposed to share 7 random and interesting things about myself, and then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who I admire... so here goes!

1.) When I was little, my favorite foods were artichokes and steamed mussels dipped in melted butter- I had some really strange tastes for a kid!

2.) Right after I graduated from high school I lived in France for 10 months as an exchange student-- it was an awesome experience, but one of the most challenging years of my life. I will definitely never ever forget all the great friends I made over there... I have not been back to France since that year (8 yrs ago now) and I haven't really spoken French since then either, but I wish I had kept up with it! Maybe it's like riding a bike and it would come back to me if I visit again someday??

3.) I am a dog person (not really a fan of cats, which, is kind of weird for a librarian I guess)-- and my  favorite kind of dog are PUGS! They are the cutest, funniest-looking little things I've ever seen and they just make me smile :)

4.) I have lived in Upstate New York my entire life-- 26 years-- and I will NEVER get used to the cold and snow-- I was made for the sunny tropics! My husband and I went to Siesta Key, Florida for our honeymoon in the middle of August and I absolutely LOVED the heat and humidity. I would move down south in a heartbeat-- maybe some day we will!

5.) My favorite kind of pizza is cheese with extra pineapple, and it has to have blue cheese on the side to dip the pizza in. Dipping pizza in blue cheese was something I picked up while at college in Geneseo, NY-- everyone who went to Geneseo learned to eat their pizza with blue cheese, and now probably get really strange looks from people!!

6.) I recently started going organic-- eating organic and replacing all my old hair/beauty/cleaning products with natural ones. I read a book by Jillian Michaels called "Master Your Metabolism," and it totally opened my eyes to the dangers/negative influences of chemicals in our food and everyday products, and now I want to be as "natural" as possible...

7.) I have an odd love of cemeteries-- I just think they are so peaceful, quiet and calming. When I was going to library school in Syracuse, NY I lived next to one of the oldest and most beautiful cemeteries there, and since it was just easier to walk to campus than drive, I walked through there everyday. Maybe it sounds weird, but I just find the architecture and history in cemeteries to be very intriguing!

OK, so there are my 7 interesting facts about me :)

Now, to share the love! I am passing this Stylish Blogger Award on to the following bloggers, who have inspired me in creating my own blogs, and have definitely given me a new, enjoyable hobby!

Thanks again Deb for the award! This definitely makes me want to build up LC's Adventures in Libraryland even more, and make it a site lots of people can follow and really enjoy :)


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  2. Hi Lea! I just found your blog via bookblogs.ning, and I love it! Your random facts are great- especially your love of Florida. haha I live in sunny Orlando and my husband and I are actually thinking of making a trip to New York very soon!

    Also, I agree that I'm also a dog person. I inherited a cat from my husband's parents....and it's been an adjustment to say the least!

    I'm a new follower and am looking forward to reading more of your posts! :)

  3. Thanks so much for following Lisa! Nice meeting you :)

  4. Aw, you are so sweet! Thank you! I don't "officially" accept awards because I'm terrible at passing them on, but it makes my day to get award :D Thank you for thinking of me. I'm 100% a dog person too. Does that make us library rebels? :P

  5. Haha you're welcome! I know, it seems like all the librarians I know love cats and they just annoy me-- I'd rather have a loyal, goofy little dog :)

  6. Your cat/librarian comment made me laugh! Pugs are so cute. I almost had my husband convinced to get one a few years ago, but I'm glad we didn't since I'm allergic.

    I have never been to France OR New York, but I have been to Florida. :D

    I've never dipped my pizza in bleu cheese, but I've dipped it in rance...hmmm. Interesting. I'll try it out and let you know if I love it.

  7. My hubby and I were going to get a pug too, but they shed like crazy! You wouldn't think they would because of their short hair...

  8. Congrats on your first award!! Thanks so much for passing it onto me <3 So awesome that you spent time in France. I'd loveeee to go there!!!

  9. Thanks Jessica, and no problem! France was really amazing, if you go make sure that you also go to places/cities outside of Paris-- Paris is wonderful but it's very tourist-y and the people are very snobby :/ Most French people are super-nice but it's just the stereotype they have I guess because of Parisians!


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