Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (8)

For those who don't know, Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly book meme where we get to let everyone know about what books we are eagerly anticipating the release of. WoW is hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. Want to participate? Grab the logo on her page, post your own WoW entry on your blog, and leave your link on her blog!


This week I have really been on the look out for some great new books in the works for 2011-- there are so many! Not gonna lie, I am pretty excited. But since I can only share one with you this week, I have chosen The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. It is #1 in the new Shades of London series. Here is a description from Amazon:

Release Date: September 29, 2011
Pages: 384
Summary: The day Louisiana teenager Rory Deveaux arrives in London marks a memorable occasion. For Rory, it's the start of a new life at a London boarding school. But for many, this will be remembered as the day a series of brutal murders broke out across the city, gruesome crimes mimicking the horrific Jack the Ripper events of more than a century ago.

Soon "Rippermania" takes hold of modern-day London, and the police are left with few leads and no witnesses. Except one. Rory spotted the man police believe to be the prime suspect. But she is the only one who saw him. Even her roommate, who was walking with her at the time, didn't notice the mysterious man. So why can only Rory see him? And more urgently, why has Rory become his next target? In this edge-of-your-seat thriller, full of suspense, humor, and romance, Rory will learn the truth about the secret ghost police of London and discover her own shocking abilities.

I love London and I have always had an interest in Jack the Ripper (ever see the movie From Hell with Johnny Depp? Holy crap, scaaaarrrryyy!!) Anyways, this sounds like a great thriller and I am definitely looking forward to its release!

What is everyone else waiting for this week?


  1. Hand't heard about this one! Need to put it on my wishlist immediately!

  2. I've heard of this captivated my interest and now I'll be watching for it, too.

    Here's MY WOW POST

  3. ME TOO! I hope to snag one of these at ALA in a few weeks! Great choice...


  4. This one is new to me and I love London +Jack the Ripper tales - can't wait!

    Our WOW pick is at BookSake.

  5. This one sounds interesting! I can't wait to read it! =D

    Waiting on Wednesday (30)

  6. Great pick! I am really looking forward to reading this as well!

  7. Great pick. I'm super excited to read this one too.

  8. Ooooh I just got an ARC of this!! So excited to start it!

    My Wow Post!

  9. I am so excited to start this as soon as I can. Great pick. I've heard awesome things.

  10. This looks AWESOME *runs to add to TBR*

    Here's my WoW this week.

  11. This one sounds good!

    My WoW pick,

    Have a nice week.

  12. I can't wait for this one either, sounds brilliant!


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