Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Blog Design! Librarian Mouse

Hi guys! So as some of you might know, I have been doing web design for other book bloggers since early last year. It has been so much fun getting to create new looks for you guys-- ones that fit your own personal and unique styles and personalities! Today I would like to show you the latest Book Blog Makeover that I did for a wonderful blogger named Alaiel....

Alaiel is the author behind Librarian Mouse, a blog I'm sure many of you are familiar with. Alaiel booked a design with me because she was looking for a change-- her old design was super cute and very well done, but she had had it for awhile and wanted a totally new look. So...

Keeping with Alaiel's favorite colors of purple and red, I got to work on a totally custom-drawn vector design of a girl reading (who looks similar to one of Alaiel's fave manga characters) relaxing in a chaise lounge, with bookshelves behind her, and *of course!* a little librarian mouse with glasses ;)

All of my vector graphics in the designs I create start out as pencil sketches on paper-- here is the before and after of Alaiel's main drawing:

After I have all the graphics drawn, I incorporate them into a unique header with a matching grab button (which is one of the things included in my Makeover Packages). Alaiel also ordered some extras, like custom social media buttons with hover effects, a drop-down menu, custom sidebar titles, custom post signature, AND I have to mention this because it's the first time I've ever done it-- she wanted to order custom blog headers that could be switched out for the holidays-- pretty awesome, right?! I will show the Halloween Librarian Mouse header below, but FIRST.... onto the before and after shots!!

~Old Design~

~New Design!~

So as you can see, this was a MAJOR change! Old design? Way cute, and I liked many things in it-- knowing that Alaiel really loved her old mouse, I made sure that he made a reappearance in her new look :) (You can find him in her sidebar titles...)

Along with the Makeover Package, her are some other features:

~Custom Social Media with Hover Effect~
(mouse over and they change color)


~Custom Post Signature~

~Custom Sidebar Titles~

~Custom "About Me" Section~

(*eep!* the mouse has little fangs! ^_^)

I hope you guys will stop on over to Alaiel's blog and let her know what you think of her brand-new look-- ESPECIALLY since she's having an AWESOME GIVEAWAY in celebration! Check it out here, and also be sure to grab a Librarian Mouse button while you're at it :)

Are you considering a new look for your blog? Do you just need an extra little something to spruce up the look you already have? Please stop on over and see me at Lea Christine Designs by clicking on the button below-- you can check out the services I offer and all the designs I have already done!

Happy Reading!


  1. I like it. I didn't realize you drew your own vectors !

  2. The design is cute, especially the teapots.

  3. I say this every time, but seriously Lea, you're so talented! Keep up the amazing work. :)

  4. Trust me, I couldn't be any happier, you are just plain awesome and I'm so glad I decided to ask you for the makeover :D

    A million hugs and a thousand thanks, you deserve them ^^

  5. So talented, Lea. I didn't realize your designs were hand drawn either. I am seriously impressed! I bet blog design is a ton of fun.

  6. Great job, Lea! Love it, and I love the Halloween banner! Super cute.

  7. Beautiful design Lea! You are VERY talented!

  8. I have no doubts that your clients would keep on coming. :] A web designer should be keen on the littlest details. And you fairly showed that skill here. I’m sure Alaiel was extremely pleased about the effort of integrating her favorites into the design. -->Sage


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