Friday, August 24, 2012

Book Blog Makeover! Forever 17 Books

PhotobucketIt's MAKEOVER time at LC's Adventures again! I am really excited to show you guys the latest re-design that I did for Sara over at Forever 17 Books!

Sara got in touch with me awhile back wanting to have something done for her book blog-- up until now, she had just been using one of the generic Blogger template styles and she wanted to have something more unique that reflected her own style. She told me that she liked tigers, especially white Bengals, and her fave color was sky blue. We decided to create a design with a white Bengal tiger lounging on a stack of books, and have a color theme of icy blues and light grays. Since she didn't want anything too flashy or over the top, I kept everything pretty subdued and simple. So.... here are the results! Check out Sara's new Book Blog Makeover below!

Old Design...

New Design!

I am so happy with how Sara's new blog design turned out, because I know that it fits her personality and style so much better than the old Blogger template. Not to mention that tiger turned out better than I thought it was going to-- he looks so regal sitting on his stack of books haha! ;)

I hope you guys will take a minute to stop on over to Sara's blog at Forever 17 Books and let her know what you think of her new look-- and be sure to follow her as well! ;)

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Happy Reading!


  1. I'm pretty sure every time I comment on one of these posts, I always say the same thing, but I'll say it again! Lea, you are SO FREAKING TALENTED I'M JEALOUS. Keep up the amazing work. Can't wait to see more designs from you! :)

  2. Fantastic job, as always!:) Lea, you are just so talented!!! :) I admire you! I love the tiger and the stripes on the sides.. looks wicked cool! the colors are fabulous, too, and the overall effect just rocks! Again: fantastic job!

  3. The new design looks beautiful, Lea! You did a fabulous job!

  4. Omg that's really pretty :D I love it! How did you learn to do those kinds of stuff!?
    Leigh | Little Book Star

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