Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Blog Makeover! The Reading Enchantress

PhotobucketSo after a rather major blogging-slash-designing hiatus for the past month, I have an all-new MAKEOVER to show you guys! Today's blog design is for The Reading Enchantress...

Olivia is the fabulous book blogger behind the YA Book Blog The Reading Enchantress, a blog that had already caught my eye awhile back for the awesome rich colors and elegant patterns she had in her design. However, Olivia was looking for something a little brighter and she also really wanted a custom vector illustration as a focal point in her blog to have it really stand out.

Let me just say-- this gal had some AWESOME ideas! We both have a slight obsession with Marie Antoinette and Versailles-style things, so we began talking about creating a Custom Blog Makeover with a 1700's-French-style vibe, complete with a Marie Antoinette character with red hair to match Olivia's. We also added lots of details to the dress, a masquerade mask, a fancy bookcase, and chandelier. So here are the before and after pics of Olivia's all new blog design-- TA DA!! :D

Vector Design: Paper To Digital Graphic...
For most of the custom vector graphics I design, I first sketch them on paper, upload them to my computer, and then use a graphics program to create the digital image to be used in the final design :)



So as you can see, the major things we changed were adding a vector character to customize and really highlight Olivia's blog header, and we also brightened things up quite a bit with a whole new color scheme. I think it turned out super cute and I was really happy to be able to bring Olivia's gorgeous vision to life! Be sure to stop on by The Reading Enchantress to let her know what you think and to follow her lovely book blog!! :)

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Happy Reading!


  1. Gorgeous! A wonderful masterpiece ;p

  2. Amazing as always, Lea!! Love the dress :)

  3. Holy freaking wow! Thats a freaking gorgeous blog header! Cant wait for mine :)

  4. Lea I love your blog makeovers they are always super pretty and awesome! Thanks for sharing, going to go follow now!

  5. I absolutely LOVE that!!! It's So beautiful :) and I am very jealous of your amazing drawing skills! ;)

  6. Wow, what a beautiful design!!

  7. I love the header ! The bookcase looks pretty and whimsical !

  8. Thank you, Lea!!! I'm so head-over-heels in love with the design. You are truly talented and have been wonderful to work with!
    xo. Olivia

  9. This custom graphic is absolutely amazing!!!! LOVE it :)

  10. It's gorgeous!! Love, love, love your designs

  11. u sketch them? wow, you're seriously amazing. i absolutely love this design!

  12. Wow, this might be my favorite design you've made so far! ^^

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