Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yay I'm Back!! August Book Haul

What a crazy summer this has been! I wanted to just say how happy I am to be featuring a book haul this weekend because it has been soooo long... I took a bit of a break from my blog over the past 5-6 weeks due to life getting nuts but I am definitely trying to get back into the swing of things. Here is a brief update of what's been going on at LC's Adventures lately!

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ARC + SWAG Giveaway! What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang (be sure to go enter!)

~Book Haul!~


The First Days by Rhiannon Frater  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
Fighting to Survive by Rhiannon Frater  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
Seige by Rhiannon Frater  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
Ashes by Ilsa Bick  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
Entangled by Nicki Jefford  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
Blood Fever by Veronica Wolff  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads
Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl  Amazon | Kindle | Goodreads

Please leave me links to your book hauls below!
Happy Reading everyone


  1. Great haul! I see you got a lot of Rhiannon Frater books. Zombies-aahhhhhh. And Twenty Boy Summer looks really good. I'm glad you're back, I missed watching your videos! :)

    ~Emily@Emily's Crammed Bookshelf

  2. Wonderful haul!!!!!!!! I am also having a busy summer. I love reading about french history, not english, but I totally connect with liking history. Raven boys!!!! Yay!! Enjoy all your books! Thanks for the delightful vlog!
    Rachel Unforgettable Books

  3. Oh my. Reading is one of the best things ever.

  4. Glad to have you back lady face!!! <3 I'm excited to see what you think of Raven Boys! I'm really looking forward to reading that one :) Enjoy all the awesome!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  5. Awesome haul, you cannot go wrong with zombies, glad you are back! My book haul will appear on the Sunday Post tomorrow.

  6. Ahh the zombie books, I love the covers of the books by Rhiannon Frater. I've heard a lot of good things about Twenty Boy Summer so I've been wanting to read that. Happy reading! :)

    Isa @ Chasing Quills

  7. I enjoy watching your vlog. Glaring jealously over Crown of Embers. Nice haul over all. Come visit me as well.


  8. I can't wait to read Beautiful Creatures. I really want to read it before the movie comes out! I hope you enjoy your books. :)

  9. Nice haul!! The Raven Boys sounds amazing!! So siked for that one! My friends have been begging me to read L.A. Candy, so I might have to give them a try. And, I LOVE Beautiful Creatures!! So good! Enjoy your books!!
    Here's what I got.

  10. OOh nice! I still have to read Blood Fever as well!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  11. I CAN NOT wait to read The Raven Boys, I have the biggest author crush on Maggie's writing ^^ The Crown Of Embers also looks like it will be good =D I'm glad to see you're back to blogging. Happy Reading!

    My STS

  12. Yaay! Welcome back! xD
    And what an awesome haul! I hope you enjoy them all!

    My Haul

  13. Hey I've just discovered your blog thanks to Staking the shelves meme :). I'm now following your blog and your youtube channel !
    You got so many good books this week !
    I'm so JEALOUS that you got The Raven Boys :D ! I'm a huge fan of Maggie Stiefvater's books. Her writing is just so beautiful and lyrical and I can't wait to star this new series.
    Happy reading from France :).

    And if you are interested I'm doing an international giveaway on my blog to celebrate my 2 year blogoversary :).

  14. Great collection! Happy reading.

  15. Great haul! Very excited for Raven Boys---I'm hoping to start it soon!

  16. Fabulous books! I'm so jealous of The Crown of Embers and The Raven Boys - I'll definitely be looking forward to reading your thoughts on both!

    Hope you enjoy your books :)

  17. Glad to see you are back! You have a great haul here, I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here's my Sunday Post

  18. Welcome back, Lea! *waves wildly*

    I hope you enjoy all your reads. A friend just rec'ed 20 Boy Summer to me, so I may look into reading it at some point!

    My Once Upon a Book Haul

  19. Great book haul!!!! Here is mine

    I got plenty of video games this week... guess reading will have to wait!!


  20. Great haul!!!! I love Twenty Boy summer. Such an awesome book and awesome cover.

  21. L.A. Candy was really good. I enjoyed the whole trilogy!! I hope you enjoy everything.

    My IMM =)

  22. I've been wanting The Raven Boy's foe what seems like Forever. I'm just Green with Envy over here. Lol Here's my latest Book Haul.

  23. Got to love your book haul congrats and happy reading hope to see some them in review Blogging Profits Unleashed

  24. Love your blog, I am always in search of new titles to read :) I'm gonna follow you, pls check out my blog and follow me back if you'd like :)



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