Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's Link Up! The New Linky Widget...

Hello all!

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is now a NEW way to follow my blog. Because non-Blogger blogs will be losing their GFC (Google Friend Connect) widgets starting this March, I wanted to offer everyone a new way to follow me, and it's totally free and easy to sign up, I literally did it like 3 minutes ago. To create your own Linky Followers account to manage your blog followers and the blogs you follow, just go to

If you want to follow me using the new Linky Follower widget, it is right below my GFC followers (AKA "I ♥ My Followers"). I hope this helps everyone without a Blogger blog, so you can still follow me! And if you have the new Linky Followers widget, I will be sure to follow you as well :)

Happy Reading everyone!!



  1. Following through Linky, (I'm an old follower but don't want to lose your blog)

    Have you had a new design makeover? I LOVE it, or am I just really slow and it's been there a while?

    1. Yep! I have been designing like a crazy woman! Haha... I did a post on it a week or two ago, AND I am also designing for other bloggers as well! So... let me know if you have any friends who need a blog makeover haha :D

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this. I've been seeing it around, but I haven't taken a good look at it. I may make a profile and add it to my blog in a bit.

  3. I think this new LinkyFollowers is fantastic. I understand some people were extremely worried about the GFC thing--and there was reason to be really if you're active on NetGalley because the publishers are so particular with stats and such. I've added it to my own (and I've followed you there too, even though it doesn't make a difference for me since I'm on Blogger with you :P but I wanted to follow anyway!) so others will have the option as well since I do have an amount of followers I might lose that had linked up through Twitter, etc. Heh.

    By the way, I really really love your new look here. Sorry it took me a bit to get around and come have a look. That banner is sooo adorable! I've been trying to make a new one for myself too but it always takes me hours to do it. Haha.

    Hope you're well!



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