Thursday, July 28, 2011

Follow Me Friday (11)


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This week's Follow Friday question:

Let's step away from books for a minute and get personal. What T-Shirt slogan best describes you?
So, as you may already know, I am a librarian, and proud of it! I saw this t-shirt and pretty much fell in love with it. Also, nobody thinks I'm a librarian when they first meet me-- apparently I don't really fit into the whole bun-wearing, crabby old-lady stereotype. I do rock a cardigan every now and then, however!

Leave me a comment so I can go check out what your t-shirt slogan is! Happy Friday everyone! :)

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  1. Omigosh cute! I love it! And I love your Follow Me button...I may have to steal it for next week! lol

  2. I laughed so hard when I saw this! Great tee!

    My FF

  3. I'm loving these t-shirts! This one is SO CUTE! <3

  4. Oh wow, great shirt pick! I love that you're a librarian! That is so cool.

    Happy Friday! Thanks for visiting me today :)

    -Jenna @ the book element

  5. Hahaha- I love that shirt!

    New follower btw :)

  6. Happy FF from a new follower. Nice choice.

    ~Daniel A. Kaine -

  7. I love that shirt! I'm a teacher so I get the same sterotype although I do love a cardigan!

    Here is a link to mine:

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm not a librarian.. but I want this shirt!! Amazing :)

    Here's my post:
    Also, here's my most recent giveaway:

  9. So funny! I would love to be a librarian, but the only school close enough is four hours away. So not leaving my hubby to do it!!
    Here is my FF:
    Happy Friday :}
    Old Follower

  10. hahahahha LOVE IT!!!! Its awesome!

    - Kylie

  11. Ha! Love it:) Even though I'm not a librarian I want to wear that one. I'm a new follower here and I have to say you're header is gorgeous, I just adore it! Hope you have a great weekend:)

    Jenny @ Supernatural Snark

  12. Hi & Happy Friday!

    Love your t-shirt pick :)

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend.

  13. Love that shirt! And I love the look of your blog. So pretty. :)
    New follower!

  14. I was a library aide while I was in high school. And I can say with confidence that I never saw a librarian wearing that shirt! (That would've been pretty great, though.) :)

    I'm a new follower. You can find me at

  15. I Love this TShirt, I work at a Public Library and I have a thing about dying my hair funky bright colours - the current is turquoise. Im the youngest in the branch I work at by 18 years.
    I bought a Very Hungry Caterpillar Tshirt by Eric Carle the other day - Its a Popular Childrens Book in New Zealand.
    New Follower

  16. Great t-shirt! So cute. Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend!
    Ange @ the Moonlight Reader

    My FF:

  17. I love that! I want to be a librarian so badly. Have my someone just has to accept my application!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Lol I love that! I always thought it would be fun to work in a library, people have actually told me I'd be a hot librarian but I'm not so sure :p And I'm pretty sure I have an obsession with cardigans lol.

    My Follow Friday:

    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


  19. You are the most awesome librarian ever. I would have never left the library when I was younger if you worked there. =) The evil troll lady that was our librarian had hobbit feet and smelled like garlic. bah.

    Love the shirt. Old follower...

  20. This t-shirt is really cute. Great pick.

  21. I would love to work in a library! I think that would be perfect! Love your t-shirt. I am a new follower. Come on over to visit when you get the chance.

  22. I love your shirt pick. I'm an old follower just passing through.

  23. Great t-shirt slogan! Old follower stopping by, check out my Follow Friday post! Happy Friday!


  24. That is an awesome shirt. I'd rock it even though I'm not a librarian. =)

  25. bwhahahhaha! oh god. I love you. Seriously. But in a platonic way.

    ♥ Trish

  26. What a great shirt! My friend is a librarian and this shirt would be absolutely perfect for her.

    I really like your blog and looking forward to reading some of your reviews! New follower!


  27. New Follower via Follow Friday! I love your blog, I can't believe I just found it!!!!

  28. Hopping through. Love that shirt! I want to go to library school in a year or so. I'm not old or crabby, but I do like wearing my hair in a bun :-)
    My Hop

  29. Love the shirt- I need one like that- new follower

  30. Love that shirt! I'm dropping by from FF. New follower.

    Owl Tell You About It.

  31. New follower! I like the shirt slogan!


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