Sunday, July 10, 2011

In My Mailbox (4)


In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Kristi over at The Story Siren, where we get to share with our readers the books that we've gotten recently, whether it's in the mail, from the bookstore or the library!

Well, as you might know, I am a library kind of gal. Actually, I'm a librarian. So 95% of the books I blog about come from my local libraries (the other 5% are books from giveaways or from when I breakdown and buy something at Borders haha). This week was kind of slim because I got so many the week before! So here is what I got, with links to the books from Goodreads...

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Shiver by Maggie Steifvater

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Woohoo! Prisons, werewolves and fairies-- that's a good combination, right? So... now I have about 15 books in a pile by my bed. This could take awhile!
What is in everyone else's mailbox this week? Leave me a link in your comment so I can take a look :)


  1. Great mail box! They are all excellent reads =)
    My overflowing mail box:

    -Mocha from A Cupcake and A Latte: YA Reads, Reviews & More!.

  2. Nice IMM! I loved Shiver when I read it last year!

    Here's my IMM:

  3. I hope you enjoy Shiver, I keep meaning to get that :)

  4. Wow, you have a nice stack of books this week in your mailbox. I cannot wait until Forever comes out.
    Happy Reading,
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  5. The Iron King was a great read, and so was Shiver I actually just borrowed a copy of it myself.

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  6. Oh! I picked up Incarceron this week too! Pretty excited to read it. I really hope you enjoy The Iron King as much as I did. It is FANTASTIC.

  7. Hi hi, Gee here :) I love your IMM, super great reads! Out of all, my favorite was The Iron King. I've yet to read Incarceron and Shiver is definitely just sitting on my shelves, waiting to be read hehe.

    Happy reading~

  8. I love your IMM!! All of those are on my to-be-read stack!

    Happy reading!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  9. Great mailbox! I love Shiver and The Iron King. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy reading!

  10. I LOVED Incarceron, but beware I didn't get pulled into the story until about halfway through so if you start to lose interest just know that it does get better! :) Enjoy your books. Oh, and by the way I grabbed one of your new buttons.. so cute!

  11. Wow I must have been gone for awhile! But really love the blog layout and everything...

    Yay! I just finished the Iron King and Iron Daughter this week and LOVED IT!! I hope you'll like it too :)

  12. Hello Lea!
    Thanks for visiting my blog Friday, the comment and the follow! I'm following you now as well. You have a lovely place here. I'll be sure to visit often. ^^
    Ooohh! You got The Iron King! I really hope you enjoy it- it's one of my favorite series! :) Incarceron is on my to-read list. I plan on picking that one up soon. Still not too sure about Shiver, but I may. I keep eyeballing it and contemplating it. LoL. :P
    Happy reading!! :)
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend and that you have a wonderful week ahead. :)


  13. A great haul! Awesome stuff... I loved The Iron King :)
    Check out what's In My Mailbox

    Mia @ Gripped into Books

  14. Oooo Incarceron AND The Iron King - I'm drooling!

  15. That's a great stack of books! I read The Iron King a while ago and really liked it.

  16. Ooh, fabulous array there! I loved The Iron King and haven't read Shiver yet, but I'm setting that series aside for when I can spend time on it as werewolves are my big fictional hangup and I hope this is the series to get me over it.

    I'm really curious to see what you think of Incarceron, though!

  17. I need to read Shiver too! And I've been itching to try some Julie.


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