Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book Blog Makeover: Passionate Encounters!

Hi guys! Today I am so excited to reveal a whole new book blog makeover from Lea Christine Designs, my all-new blog designing business! My latest makeover was done for the lovely Megan over at Passionate Encounters. Megan was looking for a new design that was both fun and simple, to highlight the content on her site. She decided on my Custom Blog Makeover Package with vector illustration, and we worked on creating an illustration of her reading with her favorite dog-- a pit bull! So here are the before and after pics of Megan's book blog! What do you think??



Megan decided on a color theme that was more muted and neutral with "pops" of color in places, so that the content of her posts could stand out more. We also snazzed-up Passionate Encounters with a grab button, rating system and post signature-- which were all included in the Makeover Package.

Please click on the after-image above to stop on over to Megan's book blog and let her know what you think of her new look!

Aaaand... if you are looking for a brand-new makeover for YOUR book blog, please check out Lea Christine Designs by clicking on the button below! 

Happy Reading Everyone!! :)


  1. Wow pertty! You're so good at this!! :)

    Emily@Emily's Crammed Bookshelf

  2. Compared to my after design, my before one was so blah and icky! Thank you so much Lea for helping this chick out!!

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  4. Your designs are so nice and pretty! I love the new design.

  5. You are REALLY good at this - great work!

  6. Wow, that actually looks really good! I'll definitley be checking out your designing site once I save up some money. :)

  7. I had started designing at CT Web Design but didn't become as good as you. You are super cool! Your after design looks no less than a premium professional theme.


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