Monday, April 23, 2012

LC Gets Interviewed!

Hi guys! So guess what?? I was asked to do a fun book blogger interview over at Book Haven! I hope you'll all stop on over to check it out-- I was asked some really fun questions-- and while you're at it, be sure to follow Book Haven's blog, where she posts book reviews and interviews with other fabulous book bloggers like Kristi from The Story Siren and Kathy from I Am A Reader Not A Writer!

Just click Book Haven's link below to see my interview ;)

Happy Reading all!! Have an awesome week!


  1. Read your interview and loved it! I'm also a huge Ash/Iron King fan ;) Thanks for sharing!
    ~New follower via GFC
    Suzanne @ YA Nation

  2. congrats on the interview! :) you really deserve to known :)

    xoxo, ❤

  3. Awesome interview Lea. I approve of your Skittles addiction. Original is the best, hands down...of course I would never turn any kind of Skittles away if they were offered. Just saying... :)

    1. YES a fellow Skittles-aholic!! LOL :P My only problem is, I have to get the individual-sized packets and not the full sized ones cause otherwise I eat WAY too many and get a stomach-ache haha :D But OMG they're SO GOOD!!!

  4. Lol! Oh god i couldn't stop laughing at the answer for "If you designed your own fortune cookie what would it say?"

  5. Heehee I'm really glad you can appreciate my quirky sense of humor! :D

  6. Thanks for sharing and showing me a new blog :) I love finding new blogs! And I loved the questions, how fun! Im really glad you said that you wouldn't change anything about your blog, bc you are so right. it is awesome, I wouldn't change anything either.

    Congrats on being featured! :)


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