Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bright, Young & Luxe- Love Triangles: Teddy or Will?

Welcome back for another fabulous day of Bright, Young, & Luxe! 

What are we talking about today? Love triangles, of course!

Elizabeth: Teddy or Will?

Whether or not Elizabeth should be with Teddy or Will is one triangle I’ve never really been able to sort out in my mind. Both men have a lot to offer Elizabeth, but which one is better for her?

Elizabeth and Will grew up together and they started out as friends. They understand each other in a way that many people don’t since they have grown up together and shared everything since they were children. Society would never accept their romance because Elizabeth is a high societal lady and Will is a stable boy, so she would have to leave her friends and family forever. There is a lot Elizabeth needs to give up in order to be with Will, but she does love him. I think that Will is smart enough to take care of her, so it really comes down to whether or not Elizabeth could handle not seeing her family.

Teddy and Elizabeth have known each other for quite a while, as well. Unlike many of the high society men Elizabeth knows, Teddy is truly a gentleman. He has had feelings for Elizabeth for quite some time and would probably do just about anything for her. He is also a genuinely good person and would never be mean to anyone with significant cause. Unlike Will, society would consider him a suitable match for Elizabeth and she wouldn’t have to give up her family. I don’t think they would have the same mutual understanding of one another that Elizabeth and Will have, but I do think Teddy would make her happy.

All in all, I still don’t have a good answer to this one. What do you think, Will or Teddy?

LC's Take: This is definitely a tough one. I liked Will, but the relationship between him and Elizabeth just seemed too far-fetched for me-- it was never going to actually last in real life (well, in a book portraying real life anyways!) And I really like Teddy because he is clearly committed to Elizabeth-- I mean, he proposed to her like 4 times! I think Elizabeth was pretty lucky to have two amazing guys running after her, but I personally-- I think-- would have chosen Teddy. Plus, I wouldn't have wanted to move all the way to California to be a pioneer or gold miner anyways. Maybe I'm just too practical haha...


  1. I really want to read Bright Young Things. Need to read it soon!

  2. Sounds like a great read, will sounds like a better match.

  3. I wouldn't consider it a love triangle, mostly since Teddy had no connection with Will so he didn't even know about him, and I don't know shouldn't triangles connect in some way?
    By the fourth book I was really smitten with Teddy I don't even know why, but I was really happy when he came back.
    Even with that I can't choose.

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  5. I remember being so upset the first time I read te second book. I couldn't believe what happened to Will! He was so sweet! By the end of the series, I grew to love Teddy for Liz. He was one of the most genuine characters in the whole series and so easy to love.


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