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Bright, Young & Luxe- Splendid Endings: Diana & Henry

Welcome to day 3 of Bright, Young, & Luxe!
Today we're talking about one of my all-time favorite literary couples: Diana & Henry...

Splendid Endings: Diana and Henry

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the end of Splendor. Most people were rooting for Diana and Henry to be together because they were so perfect for each other, and I know quite a few people were disappointed with the fact that they didn’t end up together—I was certainly one of them. However, given the multitude of events that happened in the book, I think that everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Diana and Henry evolved into different people during the course of the series. That, coupled with all of the other events that happened and tore them apart, would have made a marriage unrealistic. Unfortunately, given the societal constraints of the time period, Diana and Henry’s marriage never would have been accepted by their peers. I think it’s wonderful that Diana knew herself enough to know that she would grow to resent the rumors circulating behind her back, which would have resulted in her resenting Henry as well.

What do you think or Diana Henry’s ending? Was it splendid or should it have ended differently?

LC's Take: I agree with you Tiffany! I was a little saddened by the ending of The Luxe series, but I think that it was a very realistic ending-- it didn't take the typical "happy ending" approach like so many other historical romance novels do-- it was definitely a bittersweet way to wrap up the entire story! All of the charcters have to live with the decisions that they have made-- and I think that Diana made the right decision by being strong and leaving Henry because she knew that, ultimately, it would be the best thing for her.


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  1. Agreed! I thought the ending was appropriate. Diana wouldn't have been true to herself if she had stayed, and Henry had really changed after everything he's been through.


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