Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who is Saint Giovanni? (Part 1)

OK, so I really can't say just how much I am LOVING this blogging event, hosted over at The Lit Express. Basically, every week there will be a new installment of an all new book written by author Rane Anderson to debut her novel, Who Is Saint Giovanni? With each installment, there are illustrations, behind-the-scenes looks at how the author wrote the book, links to hear the installments read, etc. This is definitely going to be a reading experience like no other, and I am totally stoked to have found it! Below is a synopsis for Rane's book, and you can check out her blog through the links above :)

Book Synopsis: The morning after a near-death experience, seventeen-year-old Emily Edwards discovers an X carved between her eyes. It’s painless, bloodless, and she has no clue how it got there. No one else seems to see it. As if that’s not bad enough, Emily’s senses are freakishly sharper, like she has been living, until then, a little deaf, a little blind, and without taste buds.

Desperate for answers, Emily turns to Giovanni, the only person in Italy she promised herself she would avoid. He’s everything she hates in guys. Impulsive, secretive, and reckless, just like her father. What kind of guy grabs a girl he doesn’t know and kisses her? But Giovanni may be the only one who can see the mark. Though he denies it, Emily swears she’s caught him staring at it. 

Before long, Emily learns she’s a pawn in a deadly game that has existed for centuries. The only one she trusts has stolen her soul, and she doesn’t even know it. Although some call Giovanni a saint, others call him a devil. Emily must determine whose side he’s on by finding the answer to a single question. Who is Saint Giovanni?
I think that giving your readers such an in-depth and close-up look at your work is very ambitious and creative. I just read Part I, the first installment, and I am already hooked by the author's writing style and ability to draw in the reader, making them want to see what happens next. I am definitely looking forward to next week's installment. Just wanted to let you guys all know about this really awesome reader's event! Happy reading everyone :)


  1. doesn't this book sound amazing!? I can't wait til next week... I desperately want to read chapter 2 :)

    Diana @The Lovely Getaway

  2. This book sounds very different and interesting. Great post.

  3. LC, I'm loving your blog. New follower.

    You're right. It is very creative of the author to give us behind the scenes insight into the book. I've really appreciated how interactive author are becoming with their readers. In any case it is great marketing.

  4. Diana~ Yup, the first installment really made me want more, with so much action going on already!

    Alexis~ It is definitely a different reader experience to only get parts of the book one at a time-- it is a lot like how Charles Dickens used to have weekly installments of his work in the newspapers-- so cool!

    Missie~ Thanks so much for the add! I am following you, too :) Interaction between the author and the readers is def good marketing, and brings the reader even closer to seeing how the book developed from the writer's thoughts and onto the page.

  5. As your blog has been mentioned in dispatches in several places - won blog awards, in other words - I thought I'd come to over to visit. Very glad I did - now a follower.

  6. Hi Deb, thanks so much for stopping by, I am glad to meet you! Good luck with your upcoming novel :)


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